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Air conditioner installation, maintentance and repair




Reliable fast service from Klimatechnika. We are taking on works for residential properties as well as commercial air conditioner installations since 2006. Most of our customers are from Budapest but we are able to supply services across Hungary. All of our colleagues have great knowledge and experience of air conditioning units, installation and repair: we are able to resolve any unforeseen issues coming up during installation. We are equipped with professional tools to take on big or small projects, also we maintain a good relationship with our suppliers. We have service manuals from the manufacturer and all parts are available to order for the units we supply. We are using the latest techniques and tools to install air conditioner units in Budapest, therefore the percentage of mistakes are extremely low.




We are taking on jobs for domestic properties as well as commercial buildings.
Offering free measurements and quotes in and near Budapest. No strings attached. 
Our aim to help the customers choose the right unit that will fulfill their needs. When buying an air conditioner you have to consider the size and number of rooms you wish to cool (or heat), size of windows and doors, the material of the building, type of insulation, layout of furniture and possible ways to fit piping.


Air conditioner fitting prices:

Up to 5 kW wall mounted units (1 indoor + 1 outdoor) basic installation fee: 76.200.- HUF (inc. VAT)
This fee is inclusive of all incurring costs up to a 2 meter length of piping:
2 meters insolated copper piping,
2 meters condense water piping,
2 meters communication cable between units,
2 meters cable trunking
mains lead to the nearest socket,
to drill trough one wall up to 45 cm
outdoor unit brackets
all other needed bits and pieces bolts, screws, wall plugs, socket

Further piping: 7.620.- HUF/meter (inc. VAT)

Further drilling: from 3.810.- HUF (inc. VAT)

Prices for more than 5 kW capacity unit installation please contact our colleagues.

Please note it is necessary to make a measurement before we can give a quote for multi split unit installations.

Preparing property for air conditioner installation in the future (laying pipes): 9.525.- HUF / meter (inc. VAT) There is a minimum of 3 meters of piping.

Installation of air conditioner units for prepared property (already should have all necessary piping, communication, condense water piping, etc. installed): 44.445.- HUF (inc. VAT)

In all cases the installation is carried out by trained professionals. Our colleagues are NKVH (Nemzeti Klímavédelmi Hatóság) approved green card holders.

For most situations we will be able to find a way to carry out the work. We have high ladders and scaffolds, however in some occasions we do need to ask for further help. When buildings are too tall for a ladder or a scaffold, and no other option are available, we can help to arrange an alpinist.

Air conditioner installation work process:

Arrival of service team – taking the tools, air conditioner etc. to the property
Marking the indoor and outdoor units to the previously discussed position
Covering/moving furniture
Drilling the wall – in all cases we are using commercial vacuum cleaner to avoid dust/mess
Installation of cable trunking: 65x50 mm white curved plastic, paintable
Laying the insolated copper piping
Mounting indoor unit on the wall
Preparing all other electrical cables, pipes by indoor unit
Mounting outdoor unit
Connecting indoor and outdoor units piping and communication
Pressure test
Vacuming pipes
Top up gas if necessary
Test of air conditioner
Adjustment of cable trunking covers
The service team then will explain how to use the product

If you have any questions we are happy to help you! Please contact us.
Please note, we are only fitting units purchased from our webshop.



Air conditioner repair budapestHas your AC gave up on its duty in the middle of summer? Would you like to enjoy fresh, cool air again in your home? Our colleagues will help you as soon as possible! We have outstanding experience in air conditioner repairs.

It is hard to tell how much a repair is going to cost. In the past few years experience I could say how much usually common repairs costs:


Checkout fee within or near Budapest: 7.500 HUF (exc. VAT)
Top up of refrigeration gas: 31.000.- HUF (exc. VAT)
Leak repair: 19.500.- HUF (exc. tax)
Starting capacitor: 26.500.- HUF (exc. VAT)
PCB faults, replacements from: 34.000.- HUF (exc. VAT) + parts

If an AC needs top-up on gas, that more than likely means there is a leak somewhere in the system. Without gas, the air conditioner will not be able to cool or heat. Commonly the leak is by the connections or by the heat exchanger. It is easy to find, but a bit trickier to repair. There is a chance for having the leak due to poor quality copper (or worse: aluminum) piping. It can be really difficult to track the whole piping especially around the wall.



air conditioner cleaning budapestThe main parts of an air conditioner unit where bacteria, pollen, dust and mould are likely to stuck or appear are the evaporator, drip tray and filters. When an air conditioner is contaminated it will not only cause loss of efficiency but will circulate unwanted microbes in the air.

Most people do not mind to maintain their air conditioner until it stops working. It is easy to prevent this: in most cases we recommend to get your units cleaned and checked once a year.



Air conditioner cleaning, sanitizing prices:

1-2 indoor units: 12.700.- HUF each (inc. VAT)

3-4 indoor units: 11.430.- HUF each (inc. VAT)

5 or more indoor units 10.160.- HUF each (inc. VAT)

We reserve the right to change the price in case of radically dirty indoor units – we do not leave a job half done. In that case, if we have to take the units apart or even de-mount it. Unfortunately we can not complete this work for the same price.


The process of cleaning includes:

Cleaning, sanitizing filters, covers.

Cleaning the heat exchanger with an antibacterial, smell absorber sanitizer

Sanitizing the drip tray

Check of electric connections

Test of modes, functions

Checking for gas leak

Checking condense water piping

Test run





We have a wide range of air conditioner units available from stock. From basic aircons to the ones we recommend for server rooms we are able to offer all sorts. The brands we are working with include Daikin, Gree, Fujitsi, Polar, Panasonic and Mitsubishi. We do not offer 15-20 different brands and 1000s of products. Only the ones we trust, the ones are reliable and have excellent service background. We are offering free measurements and quote within Budapest. No strings attached. Our colleague will visit you and will do his best to help you to choose the right product. Following the measuring, you will receive a written quote for the air conditioner and for the installation including all bits and pieces needed. We do have a pricelist available, but prices can vary depending on the length of piping, additional electrical works or special requests. The purpose of the written quote is to avoid surprises. You will exactly know how much the installation and the unit will cost you. Our webshop is not yet available in english however we will be able to send you data sheets and full list of features for each unit. These are available up on request.




If you have any question or need further information please give us a call or e-mail us!

Email: info@klimatechnika.hu

Mobile: +36209341004

Office address: 1097 Budapest, Illatos út 11/b building